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LTF4WD 1989 LTA500F 2001
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Just finished a top end rebuild for my Suzuki LT-F4WD 1989 Quadrunner - it was hard to start, I heard a snort one day and blue smoke just belched out behind the quad, there was gas in the crankcase and it was running rich from the smell and the plug.

Using the service manual - I took off the valve cover and head - only breaking one bolt. Turned out that the 2 valve timing caps were seized. The valves had not been adjusted for ever. There was a fair amount of carbon in the ports and the valve seals weren't great. The piston and barrel looked and felt OK. The timing bolt on the crankcase was also seized and took a lot of soaking and an impact drill to get off. I cleaned the head and valves, reground the valve seats and put it back together with the help of a small engine valve spring compressor. Then spent time making sure of the valve timing and adjusting the valve clearances. I didn't replace the broken head bolt, it was on the valve cover, probably should of..

I started work on the carb. My 1989 had a CV type carb, the needles were worn and I just couldn't get the brass air/fuel mixture screw loose. The mixture screw were already damaged and after butchering it with a drill and easy out I threw in the towel and bought a replacement cheap chinese mechanical carb for $90 CAD off amazon. The new carb intake OD was 1/4 inch smaller than the CV carb - so I bought a 2inch to 1.75inch (3 inch long) radiator hose cross over to attach it to the airbag. I had checked and replaced the air filter already.

Managed to get the exhaust on with a struggle - used a ratchet strap to shift the exhaust pipe towards the LHS of the bike a fraction so it popped on.
I also installed an inline on/off fuel tap just in case the petcock valve has given up.
Fired it up today for the first time. It caught immediately with no choke and just raced until I lengthened the throttle cable to allow it to idle. I then adjusted the idle speed and mixture.
Its running pretty good so far. Glad to keep the quad runner going, its perfect for hauling stuff about the farm.
Check your valve clearances, petcock valves and keep your carbs clean!!!
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