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I had a 07 500 Vinson foot shift and they had good power with stock tires. I eventually put 8 play 25's on it and there was slight power loss. I would go for the lightest weight tires you can find swamp lites might be worth looking into.

A friend of mine had a 03 500 Vinson and he tried to put 27" Lug Gear tires on it when it was about a year old. It looked impressive but it didn't have the power to turn them and i could keep up with him with the stock dunlops my 07 Vinson came with.

Vinson is a great quad but asking it to pull large mud tires is not the best idea. You will break CV shafts my friend broke many of them and the cheap aftermarket replacements are weaker than the expensive factory shafts. And the Vinson dont have a front locker so it's not a good mud machine anyways.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts