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Suzuki UTV?

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How long before Suzuki announces a side by side or UTV? I thought for sure they would have one for 2009.
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They don't seem very interested in a UTV.
Ya I've noticed that and I just can't understand the reasoning behind it. With the success the other manufactures have had such as Kawasaki, Polaris, Yamaha, Honda, etc you would think Suzuki would get on the ball. I've been calling around to my different sources to see if I could bring any new information here and haven't had much luck!
Just what I was looking for

I was hoping when I joined to find out if Suzuki was going to start manufacturing an UTV or not. I love the brand and was hoping they had one in the works.
I would definitely be interested in a Suzuki UTV. I don't think there is enough competition out there for the 'sport' type UTV's.
Suzuki use to offer a yellow Mule back when they had some sort of alliace with Kawasaki. In todays ecconomy I really don't look for them to come out with one of there own anytime soon.
Suzuki UTV

Hey out there...
Does anyone have a Suzuki mini truck?

Hope to get a bit of a discussion going on mini trucks here

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