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From the pictures it looks like a black wire , black/ white wire, green wire, orange and the other two wires I can’t see.

Might be a long shot, Based on the wiring diagram for 2001 and issues it might appear this connects the Rectifier to the Generator/Stator. I see a few black wires (3) and also a Blk/ white(2) , red (2)leaving the Rectifier connecting to the Generator side with Yellow(4), green (1),blue (1)white.

See if you can follow the wires to back we’re they originate from this might be easiest. Or it might take a while. If your familiar with using a multimeter do a “continuity test” from the rectifier to these wires to see if they “ring out” .

here’s from an’01 Suzuki 500 not sure if the wiring diagram is the same year as yours.

let me know which wires colors you have and try to trace the wires to where they originate from , and also the year . I’ll help with connections…


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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