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Suzuki kingquad LTf 300f carb problems

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Guys I have rebuilt my carburetor. Replaced all the jets and fuel lines. But I can get it to idle without holding the throttle. I’ve screwed in the set screw that is for the idle all the way in. And once it is warmed up it is hard to start again. Any ideas what I could have done wrong or what I need to check?
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Yeah I considered that. How well do those Chinese carbs work? I worked on it more today and it runs good when I unhook the vacuum line to the peacock. Well for a bit then it dies and is hard to start gonna do some more diagnoses tomorrow make sure it’s not an electrical problem
I bought one for a Suzuki 80 dirt bike, worked great.
I would do some research on those China carbs!:(
Chinese carbs are a dead end. They will cost you money and frustration.
I’ve used them once before and didn’t have any luck. I didn’t diagnose it much but did realize it is a carb issue. Do they make a simpler carb that will work? I’m gonna check a see if a float is sticking when I can. When it warms up and dies I have a hard time getting it started.
Hey guys I’m needing to replace my fuel pump it’s not priming. Not doing anything and I can’t get it to prime. Do they make a cheaper fuel pump that will work besides the $100 oem one. It’s a 00 Suzuki ltf300f kingquad
Check the following website bellow. They should have a fuel pump for your 300 at a reasonable price.
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