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I have some problem with my Suzuki king quad LTA 700.

The reverse light is on even though the gear selector is in neutral / Low / High.

I have used a voltmeter and measured on the gear shift sensor.

All gears appear intact on the gear shift sensor.

reverse light relay appears to be intact because it clicks when you turn on the ignition.

What do you think about this problem?

I apologize for my poor English.
comes from Sweden.

Kind regards

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North American king quads don't have a factory reverse light..

Just a few thoughts...

it must be a wiring issue.. i suspect the relay is remaining closed.. completing the circuit ...despite it making a noise..

give it a tap with a plastic hammer to see if it will jiggle it loose internally.. you might need to replace the relay..

another thought..

unplug the relay and see what happens..


... it might be the switch stuck closed.. spray it with electrical contact cleaner..

Greeting from NW Ontario Canada;)

I have an 05 700 king quad lta700 with 15000km and runs perfectly

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