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1 - No bashing, flaming, or talking down to Members, Staff, Moderators, Administrators, or the site. Warnings and bans will be strictly enforced. This includes sarcasm that is meant to be condescending.

2 - No bashing the brand, this is a Suzuki site and bashing the Suzuki brand will
not be tolerated.

3 - No spam, (THIS INCLUDES SIGNATURE SPAM ALSO). Links to personal web sites, blogs, businesses, etc, are also considered spam. Outside vendors who wish to sell atv parts and accessories must do so by contacting a Forum Administrator and becoming a Supporting Vendor here at Suzuki ATV Forums. Any Vendor caught posting without permission will be asked to remove their links immediately. Failure to comply with this request will result in the immediate removal of all links and information associated with the specific vendor in question and may result in a partial or permanent ban from the Forum.

4 - Avatars are allowed as long as they are not offensive or contain any pornographic images. And nothing political allowed either.

5 - No political, religious, racial, and or gender topics either. These just tend to offend members.

6 - Any Member that decides to sell or buy any item using our for sale section, these transactions will be between the buyer and seller and will not be in any way the responsibility of, The Owners, Administration or Moderators. Make the decision that is best for you and do so at your own risk.

7 - Foul language will not be tolerated. This is a family oriented site and we need to be respectful towards everyone that comes here. This includes cussing in a post, video, other types of social media, at a Moderator/Administrator, or any other Member. If anyone fails to comply with these rules you will be BANNED IMMEDIATELY, No Exceptions.!! And don't try to sign up with a new username because we will know.

8. (Off Topic Section Of The Forum). Though this section is reserved for anything and everything, we ask that you keep joke related items to a minimum. Jokes must also be kept clean. That means no jokes that are offensive, vulgar, or condescending. Remember, this is a Atv Forum not a Comedy club.

9. All service repair manuals and their associated links are to be only shared with other members via PM. Any service repair manual link/s found in a new thread/post, or in a existing thread/post, will be removed and a warning will be issued. If anyone chooses to disobey these rules then an infraction or partial ban will ensue. See: Sharing Service Manuals

10. To help keep the site more navigable please do a search for what you are looking for, a lot of the time people have already had the same problem you are having. Once you have searched and if you weren't able to find what you were looking for, PLEASE feel free to post in the appropriate Sub-Forum and we will be more than happy to help you out as much as possible within our capabilities.

11. When replying to a thread/post, we ask that you please pay attention to thread dates when replying. Each thread/post has a date stamp next to it. There is no specific rule against older thread/post replies. Though we ask that you try not to reply to threads/posts older then a year old unless the OP has recently replied or given an update. This also saves the newer threads/posts from being push down the queue by the older ones. If you must reply to an older thread/post, please take the time to see when the member at hand was last active. In a lot of instances people join, seek help, and never return. To check to see if a member is frequently active on the Forum, click on their username. Once on their profile page, you’ll see a spot that says last activity. If the user has not recently been active on the Forum within the last year, then in most instances the user at hand will not reply to his/her threads/posts because he/she has most likely left the Forum completely.

12. The Forum has seen a big increase in newer members not using proper punctuation, or none whatsoever. I understand a lot of people use their cells to serf/post up threads/posts. But it is the member’s responsibility to ensure your threads/posts contain proper punctuation. It is extremely difficult for us to help when we can’t tell where sentences start or end. Remember, this is not you exchanging texts with whomever where punctuation isn’t key. So please, take the time and ensure your threads/posts contain proper punctuation. We don’t need to spend extra time being the grammar/punctuation police. As for grammar, same thing applies. Please double check your spelling before posting. I know there are some of you who have difficulties with spelling etc. And we completely understand that. If that is the case, do the best you can and one of us will correct it if need be.

Updated: 2020/07/24
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