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Hello all,

I joined because I'm in decision paralysis. Wanted to get my wife into a little occasional riding & plus I think I'm gonna try plowing my driveway instead of using my old little garden tractor.

Anyway, a guy not far from me (retired) has a couple Suzuki's in his barn. I took a look. One has a label of Quadrunner 230 shaft & nothing else. The other says Kingquad & no other markings. They both have all sorts of "droppings, nests, cobwebs, etc". He said been sitting at least 10 years. BUT, they otherwise look fairly pristine.

The 230 odometer says 2100, the kingquad says 481. But then again, there looks to only be about 3 digits on the odometer. I asked him how much, but I thought he wanted too much ($4k for both). I couldn't find the VIN numbers in the dark and I don't know much about ATV actually.

I don't wanna insult the guy, but here in the Northeast US (NY), we're suppose to register vehicles, and I was told by a guy at work that I might have to pay original price taxes & reg.

Knowing all this, should I walk away, or what would even be a respectful offer?

FYI, speaking to people at work, I'm told to look for either Hondas or Suzuki for older machines.
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