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LT230GE air hose and fuel pump problems…

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Hello everyone, I recently pulled off the air box, carb, and gas tank on an 86’ LT230GE to inspect and clean off the 10 years of sitting in the woods. After I put it all back on, I have 2 air hoses left that I’m not sure where they go. My service manual has diagrams of where all the different hoses go but I still can’t figure it out. I’ll post pictures of those pages to see if you guys can. I’ll also attach a video of me further explaining it.
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As for the fuel pump, the gas isn’t getting up to the carb. I’ve only ever worked on gravity fed stuff so cut me a little slack with this stuff. The fuel pump I have is vacuum operated and has 3 ports: vacuum in, gas in, and gas out. I put a small water balloon (without water in it) over the vacuum tube and it sucked it in the air from the balloon. I can also feel a small pressure fluctuation when I put my finger over it. Fuel pump replacements are like $15 on Amazon for the cheap ones I just wanted to make sure that was the problem before I got a new one.

Thanks in advance and let me know if you have any ideas!

Here’s the video explaining the air hose problem:
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