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hey guys just bought a old school LT160, its a 5 speed semi auto with reverse. Plastics are no good all cracked, tires need replacement, Big problem is the front part of the frame is rusting pretty bad. Any suggestions, i got pictures... also i don't know how to setup the wiring for the battery. I don't care about lights and stuff right now, i just want to put a battery that will charge on its own. if anyone could point me the right direction and tell me what i need to replace and buy i will. The previous owner had a chargeable battery they would charge for couple hours before they ride but i want the battery be able to stay in the quad and not drain the battery. heres some pictures let me know guys, this is a project im trying to do for my gf because im a dirt bike guy and she hates only 2 wheels. the rust looks pretty bad but i can hit it hard and it still solid but ready to fall apart. Let me know guys.. ALoha



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