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I have purchased an '04 LTZ 400 from a friend of mine. The front right lower ball joint is completely destroyed, so I need to get it replaced. After much searching I have come to the conclusion that I need to simply buy a new front right lower wishbone arm, since from the factory the ball joint comes set. Reason being, I cannot find ANY lower ball joints for the LTZ 400. Bar none, I cannot find a single one. Am I missing something? The buddy I bought it from swears you can buy just the ball joint and set it yourself but without a ball joint I can't do that. Does anyone here know some magical website that will sell Just the ball joint? I have checked the manual and many parts websites, but they all point to me needing the 200 dollar wishbone arm just for the 30 dollar ball joint. An explanation on why that is? Are the ball joints on the LTZ 400 supposed to be tougher or something?
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