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2020 KQ 750
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Hi all,

Anyone running the Triangle ATV stealth snorkel on their King Quad? I've been looking at their kit for awhile and more than once I've read concerns of the CVT exhaust and both intakes all together under the pod. Reasoning being the intakes would be sucking the hot CVT exhaust into the motor as well as the CVT which I can't imagine is good for longevity. It makes logical sense, but I'm just wondering if anyone is running this kit and has noticed any issues or decreases in power with this kit?

I'm also looking at the SYA stealth kit which only relocates the CVT exhaust up to the front of the machine as well as any vent line's, etc. according to the website, solving the wet belt issue. Seems like it would be good enough for the moderate riding I do, but if the full stealth snorkel system does it all and has no issues I don't mind spending the extra few dollars to be safer than sorrier.

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