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Hey guys - A buddy of mine, while riding up in ardbeg a couple weekends ago, swamped his bike really bad. I've never seen so much water in the oil before. He pulled the dip stick out and milky oil goo poured out of it for about 20 minutes. Unreal! :eek:

So we towed it back, trailered it home, and he's done over 15 oil changes and there is still water in the oil. He's a mechanic, so he thinks he hasn't missed anything, but now that he's almost $400 in oil and filters into it, he's looking for help.

Is there anything that could be trapping this water? Why after 15 oil changes is there still water? If he puts 2.5 liters of oil in, runs it for a few minutes, then drops the oil, he almost always gets about 2.7 liters back out of it - so there is water coming back into the oil from somewhere, but where?

Any help would be very much appreciated!
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