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96 king quad 300, 03 yz 250, 20 Outlander 450
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Hello everyone, names Josh from Ohio.

I have a few toys that are newer and run perfectly but for some reason I love riding this d*** KQ lol. Now its not new obviously and its in just about the worst condition you could imagine physically but its a dog, when its running its a work horse and it does its job. My friends make fun of me as the plastics are cracked, battery cover and gear selector plastics missing, bent rear a arm, ductape fixed front cv boot. Cleaned strainer probably for the first time in 20 years and that was a mess but boy is it fun to thrash around on.

Now my issue i am having is this. Fires right up cold, runs great. Ride it around about 10 min warms up, gets a little tick, nothing crazy but once your riding for about 35 40 minutes it starts to randomly stall and it won't start again for about 10 or 15 min. When trying to start it, it cranks and cranks but won't fire up. Give it 10 to 15min and it fires right up and goes again for another 20 min or so. The more you ride the shorter the time between the stalling issue it seems.

Now i don't know what all had been done to it before me but the petcock has 2 outlets on it, options for on, res, and pri. Guy before said to always run it in prime... the fuel pump is aftermarket and only runs to the front side of the petcock through the pump and up into the carb.

Looks like the fuel runs to the bottom of carb. 2 vac ports located on top of carb "1 blocked and the other open, no hose" and then thers like 2 or 3 other vac ports or drain ports on the right side of carb near bottom. We can't seem to figure out where any of these lines would or should run to. I figure the 2 on top probably acted as a vacum for the fuel before they put an electric pump in. When running, if i block those 2 top ones it seems to idle lower and then stall.

My only thought is that something happens once it gets warm and starts either affecting fuel flow in the carb, the spark plug or maybe the fuel pump... i have no idea at this point, weve taken the carb off and cleaned it put it back together, same thing. Once it's hot and stalls, game over for a while, what the heck could it be?
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