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Crankcase Cover Stuck

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Hi, im working on solving the issue if my 95 king quad not driving but i have been stopped in my tracks because this cover is stuck on. I am pretty positive that i removed all the bolts and have hit it with a hammer pretty hard but nothing. Am I forgetting a hidden bolt or is there a trick to getting these off? Also i need the torque specs for the crankcase cover bolts for when I reassembled it. Thanks, Avery

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I see this post went unanswered a few years back, but I actually have the exact same problem now. I need to get to the starter bearing and can't get the crankcase cover off. Can anyone make a suggestion?...I've removed all the bolts, gently hammered on it, got a razor blade through the gasket on one corner, but she still won't budge. I hope someone can share their wisdom here. My pic is attached as well.


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Were you successful? What magic did it take?
I see two bolts not removed. What happened when you removed them?Could be something on the other side that need to be removed. I will look at my service manual.

Service manual says shift it into gear. Nothing more.
You do have to unbolt the motor and raise it up. The lower right corner won't clear the frame otherwise. Mine fought because of the right rear dowel being crapped up a bit. I tapped a thin scrapper into the slot above the right dowel, figured that was the least damage area. Hold in the shift shaft as you pull it off as a bunch of parts fall out otherwise. Not to bad put back, but easier to not have to fuss with. There is also one shim on each of the three internal shafts that you don't want to loose. I try and maintain the orientation as they've seated in.
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