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Copperhead Tuner worth the money?

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Wifes 2006 KQ 700. was thinking of getting a copperhead tuner for it. pricy at $450.00 area. anyone with a used one in good condition for sale. Otherwise any suggestions where to buy one..tks!
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I have seen split reviews on the Copperhead ECM's. Some people love them and say they work great and others say they are junk and dont work and will leave you stranded. I still want to try one on my 2021 KQ 750 when they make one that will fit mine. It's a $450 gamble i am willing to take and if it;s junk i will re-sell it on ebay lol.
I've been searching for good deals myself, and I understand the desire to find a used Copperhead tuner for a better price.
Hey there! Have you tried checking out online marketplaces like eBay or Craigslist? Sometimes you can find a used Copperhead tuner in good condition at a lower price, and hey, who knows, you might even get lucky and make some extra money from Audible while saving on your purchase! It's like hitting the jackpot in the world of ATV upgrades! Trust me, it's a win-win situation. Just be careful and avoid any potential scams, like those blackout bingo scams or unreliable sellers in the casino and gambling world. Stay smart and happy upgrading!
I have one for my 07. They may be plug and play for some. They can make up for some issues with your not perfect maintenance but you quad shall be in tip top shape. If you do get one don't leave home without you oem ecu. For the geeks out there their is a live tuner that you can change values at will to get the most out of the copperhead.

I lost all my computer stuff with a crash. However I took notes on old fashion paper and clip board. Many tweaks to get the most out of my one owner 07. Used quads will have to be examined for issues before the copperhead is attempted.
Customer support is available with the tech support. There are many updates available through the VDI file. That is what I lost and has to be rebooted if I want to make changes. My map cannot be examined with out the old lost vdi file.

My copperhead rips with a tune made by a blind guy (king quad 700) that we shared. :)
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