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My wife lends her 07 semi automatic 400 eiger 4x4 to my friend to come to the back 40 to give me a hand with hay it stalls. B4 he gets to me it won’t start. Ok, so I stop and look at it. I checked fuel (full) ok, checked the oil it’s 1.5 litres low. Great, so I add oil, check the petcock, it's in prime position ok. Turn it to on position then i try the starter it turns over a few times and it locks up. Great, so I try pulling the starter cord slowly to make sure it was not seized, it turns over. Perfect, try starter, click click then it turns over really quickly. Ok, no start so I let it sit for a while (finished bailing ). Ok, check oil/fuel again just in case and this time no fuel and so much oil in crankcase it started to shoot out past the dipstick b4 I could even get it out and tow it back to shop. Installed a new oil filter, oil change, new spark plug, and fuel, turn key on and hit starter button but still not starting. Turns over really quickly, has lots of compression, still wont run. What am i missing ? Any ideas other than get new wife and better friends lol .

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