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86 LT230GE Quadrunner Problems

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Hey all, new here! Have owned an 86 Quadrunner 230 since I was 9 (Im now 42!). Its been mostly problem free, has around 6000 miles on it now. Found a Quadrunner 86/87 230 with the Dual Range gear box this week on the cheap and with 3000 miles, so I picked it up seeing that the plastics were in good shape and it had the complete rack package, which looks pretty cool. It runs pretty good. Changed the oil and found out right away the oil filter pressure spring was missing (just ordered one of those).

Anyways, it was sold "as is" needing work with several issues by the seller, so I knew what I was getting into, but hey, it started up and rolls great, so everything else is minor... right? Electric start didnt work, quickly fixed that when I got home. The battery cable lugs were junk, replaced them, and the Fuse, so that works now. :cool:

However for the life of me I cannot get the headlight to work (on LO or HI), and the Green Neutral light OR the Red Reverse light wont come on! I checked the reverse bulb, the filament is intact. I tried electric starting it in gear, and it will not start so that tells me that part of the neutral safety switch is functioning. Electric starts right up in Neutral.

Looking for assistance with those issues. I bet they are all connected.... I tried removing the panel with the odometer and ignition switch, but it got dark out and mosquitos were starting to find me, so I gave up for the night.

What am I missing? I am terrible at reading wiring diagrams, but if someone can tell me which wires to check with a meter, I am proficient at that. Is there a ground somewhere I am missing?
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Seeing that I got an overwhelming response and so many replies to respond to :rolleyes: lol, I will update my own thread for anybody who might have the same problem in the future; every single one of my light bulbs was burnt out :ROFLMAO: I didnt think it was possible, but, you never know with my luck. About $20 later (the leadlight bulb alone was $8 at O'Reilly - the only one who stocked it around me), every light works now! I thought for SURE I needed to track down a broken wire or wires. Easy fix. (y)
Previous owned could of had a bad rectifier/regulator prior to selling it. It’s the only reason for every bulb being burnt that I can think of. Could of changed the rectifier/regulator but not the bulbs.

When I had a snowmobile the regulator went out while I was driving it. All of a sudden my dash lights got super bright then no lights whatsoever. No tail, headlights, or dash lights. Nada. Surprised it still ran after that. So this is what I’m thinking May have happened to your bike.
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