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2019 King Quad 750
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Im creating this project thread that i will edit and add too throughout my progression.

I decided to change from hose to hard pipe. It's not that i really had any problems or leaks but i didn't like how the hose connected to the stock cvt vents(intake and exhaust).Plus, i think the PVC has a much cleaner look to it, more solid and im able to get much tighter fittings at all the connection points.

changed CVT exhaust from hose to 2"PVC

changed CVT intake from hose to 2" PVC

I used Aluminum angle( i think 1 1/2") to mount the rad to the rack. I used the preexisting holes in the rack as well.
I lucked up and found the two flat steel pieces with preexisting holes that i used to mount the top of the rad to the bottom brace. Then i painted it all black.

How i mounted my winch plus adding a bracket and shackel for using a snatch block. I'll probably add a seperate video on wiring it up.

How i wired the winch up.

Changing out stock clutch roller weights (19G) for lighter weights(16G)

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DUDE! That looks sharp! Very impressive work there! Be willing to make a bracket for me? ;)
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