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Hello everyone
I’m new to this forum as well as atv use
I have an issue with the 15 amp ignition fuse blowing as soon as I turn the key so thinking back prior to this issue I was towing a large stump in 4wd and had to at one point engage the diff lock, all was good
The next day with foul weather looming I decided to move my machine inside. When I drove the machine around the shed I switched from 4wd to 2wd it never switched over to 2wd, not a big deal so I thought
The following day I started up the machine and let it warm up but when I returned to the machine it was not running anymore and the dash was not lit up
Checked the 15 amp fuse for the ignition and it was blown so I replaced it and tried to start it as soon as it hit the on position the dash lit up and popped the same fuse
Unplugged the connections for the 4wd and diff lock and all is good except the fact that the switch is disabled
I took apart the switch and cleaned up the contacts but now I think I have all the pieces but...there is 1 small piece of white plastic and I don’t know where it came from so if anybody out the could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated
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