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I've got this 2005 King Quad 700 that has the most peculiar problem. It will not start, no spark, when you use the electric start. There are no codes, the only thing it does when using the electric start is "CHEC" shows on the display. If you grab onto the pull starter it will start every time. I'll start off by going down the list of items that I have checked, repaired, or replaced.

compression is fine (pull starts on first pull)
Battery is good 12v while cranking
wiring harness, opened it up from the ecm to the headlight and checked for broken wires and shorts.
checked grounds and added a ground from battery to frame and battery to engine
checked the stator and its within spec
checked the crankshaft pickup its within spec
checked the crankshaft position sensor peak voltage 10 volts
checked the coil, primary and secondary resistance is within spec(new)
checked the peak voltage at the coil 0v when using the electric starter, 10v when using the pull starter
checked the fuel injector
fuel pump relay (new)
starter solenoid checked out
start relay check out fine
fuel pump relay check out fine
tip over sensor check out fine
rectifier checked out fine
start button and kill switch both fine
gear position selector check out fine
brake switch that controls the starter checked fine
rear brake light socket and wiring is fine
ECT is fine
IAP is fine
MAP is good
TPS adjustment is good and ohmed out fine
diff lock switch is fine
neutral relay is fine
override switch works as it should
brake switch is good
all the diodes check out fine
coil wire is fine(runs when pull started)
all fuses are good
new ecm
while checking all of the above i also ohmed out the wiring harness and checked for shorts and continuity
i've bypassed the starter solenoid and tried engaging the starter with just a hot wire from the battery (same result no spark)
i've bypassed the start relay same result

im stuck anyone out there have a clue?

i have a few more things to check, speed sensor, remove the starter and check it, and then im out of options. Not sure where to go from here. My only options, unless someone out there know what the heck is going on, is to start throwing parts at this thing until i works. Order that i would start replacing parts:

1. wiring harness
2. starter solenoid
3. start relay
4. stator
5. recitifier
6. start button
7. kill switch
8. ignition switch

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Been having trouble with my 2007 starting. Quit the other day will plowing snow . Cut the connectors off the main battery cables and replaced them, and she is starting now. Had to be corroded behind those fittings.

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The king quads are sensitive to battery voltage... make sure the battery is fully charged and all the connectors clean
. I've gone over a of mine and added dielectric to reduce corrosion.. my 05 king is pretty fussy.
I find that both of my 06 Vinsons won't start with a weak battery if using the electric starter bit for up easily with the pull starter.. again it was loose or corroded connectors that were the issue..

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Figured it out. The ground for the ecm was bad and it was pulling ground through the starter. When you engage the starter it cut the ground off so no spark.

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Glad you got it figured out.

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