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Hello! I've searched the forum for help on some issues, and still searching, but couldn't locate a specific answer on my question. I appreciate any help and guidance that you may have! I'm no mechanic, but I'm definitely a DIYer...not too experienced in ATVs, but I really have enjoyed it.

So, my main question....
The threads on the choke plunger going into the carb are stripped. Looking around I've seen many folks replacing the cabled choke with just a pull choke - I'm all for this (if you all think it's a good idea). My problem is, I've not confirmed the right part to order (I've found them for Arctic Cat, King Quad, etc) - I've seen suggestions for the Mukini pull knob, but again just want to make sure I get one that fits.

Would a loose choke into the carb possibly cause a vacuum leak, bogging and backfiring issues?

The rest of the the ATV from my dad and it had "carb" issues. It starts, idles ok, but with throttle it bogs down and power. Cleaned carb, checked air, replaced fuel line, petcock seems to be clean and change. Yesterday, I adjusted the float and had some improvement....I could throttle up with it in neutral and get pretty high rpms, but only if I eased into the throttle. If I push throttle quickly, it still bogs and backfires and also does it if I try to drive. The thing is, the float is now adjusted almost all the way "rich", but still running lean, it seems. Or maybe I'm totally confused! Again thank you in advance!
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