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Just purchased this bike 1400 miles ,,,,,,,Maybe ?
The front diff is binding up, Oil was a bit low and some sparkles, all the roller bearings feel smooth but this drum diff is a bit of a mystery.
And when turning the shafts there is binding in the 2 shafts. It was enough to stall the 500 at low RPM
And yes obsolete and not easy to get one that is in better shape.
Has anyone been able to open one of these up, Not finding the magic key/snap ring.
Since I have yet to find parts to rebuild the guts I am concerned this bike might become a 2 WD.
Has anyone else been here and what did you do ? rest of the bike is in great working order. Maybe a different model diff ?
Any suggestions will be appreciated or direction to look toward.
I am in the Pacific NW area


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