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Hello . First timer here .
I'm in the midst of a project . Hopefully not more than I can handle .
I'm trying to breath life back into my king quad that I purchased new in 1997.
I've been following some posts on this forum and it seems as though there is hope .
I have better than basic mechanical skills but I lack in troubleshooting skills .
A little background on the machine . The quad has been out of service and in storage in a shed
for several years . I recently dragged it out ( and I do mean dragged it out ) of the shed .
The wheels were seized up solid . I did brakes front and rear and pulled the carb off .
The carb was filthy inside . So I cleaned it as best I could and put a rebuild kit in it .
I had to buy a float from Suzuki as the old one was destroyed . I replaced the fuel cock
and the fuel pump as well as the fuel lines . I drained the fuel contaminated oil from the crankcase
and filled it with new oil . While doing all this I had put some mystery oil in the cylinder incase it was seized .
I needed to pull the recoil off and turn the crank with a socket but it seemed free . (I think the recoil area was
crudded up) I also replaced the air filter . Sounds good so far right ? I got a new battery and fired it up yesterday .
It was smoking up a storm and I couldn't get it to idle also some debris came out of the exhaust most likely
rodent home building material . Any input for future progress ?
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