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Hello all. Olstitch is a 1986 suzuki lt230 quadrunner. The high low and reverse levers, the 2 cable pulls on the dash, are hard to operate. I've been using blaster cable lube n wd40 trying to get it down the cable assembly.
I've tried to look on the net for a part number also. And could use some help.
This is my beautiful wifes bike so really need help.
She bought this bike n I've been restoring it. It burned up the key switch. It was the oem so old. I bought another switch. It burned. Good thing I got a 2 pack.
There's a plug in just in frontof the battery. 2 wires.
What goes there ? Fuse, accessories port, brake light ? Just stays open is my guess. Another helpful fellow said it's a brake light.
I put a jumper wire across it n ran it , burned up another switch. Down to the last one so I don't want to screw up, again.
Hey thanks all. I've been asking around n getting good answers but still not clear to me. I'd really like to take her riding.
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