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  1. LT 80 PARTS

    Suzuki QuadSport
    Beyond ebay, Amazon or Midwestmini does anyone have any other options for parts for 2006 and prior Suzuki LT-80's. Today I was just looking for a choke knob and I am sure I can order 5 and one will fit but just checking to see if I am missing a home where everyone goes to find things. In...
  2. electronic issue when hot

    Repair and Maintenance
    I have an '85 suzuki 230 quadsport. It just started to have a problem that once it is running and gets hot the electronics stop working. It starts with the reverse light not working, then a short time later neutral light, starter, headlight all go out. I let it sit for a few minutes and...
  3. My 1989 LT4WD

    My 1989 LT4WD

    This is my ride. I use it mainly for plowing the driveway. One day I'll get a trailer to haul it out for hunting.
  4. suzuki lt 125 priming pump

    ATV General Discussion
    I have a suzuki lt 125. It is an 83 I think. There is a hose hanging off of the primer. The hose is hooked up to the primer, and it works when I put it in a gas can and press the primer. The problem is that I don't know where to hook the loose end of the hose to. It obviously has to be somewhere...
  5. 08 LTZ400 overheating, fan off

    Suzuki QuadSport
    My 2008 LTZ400 was working fine. I removed the exhaust, jarring the components because it is a jigsaw puzzle getting that thing out. When I re-installed my re-painted exhaust I realized that my quad was overheating and the radiator fan was not turning on. I know this because 1.I have been...
  6. Top End

    Suzuki QuadSport
    I've got an 04' Z400 that needs a new cam chain. While I have it appart, I was thinking of "fresh-in" her up a little bit with some new cams and a valve spring kit. It has no motor work done to it, and just a slip-on, jet kit, filter, and rev box for performance mods. I would like to throw in a...
  7. CV boot

    Repair and Maintenance
    1997 suzuki king quad 300 LT4WD-X-- Both my inner cv boots in the front are torn and im just looking for some tips on how to change them as i have never done this before. Will i need an axle puller? I was also wondering if anyone has come up with any good repairs for them? Thanks