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starter clutch

  1. LT F 300 starter problem

    Repair and Maintenance
    Hi guys, I know this subject keeps coming up, but I can't find anything on this specific issue. When pressing the starter button there is a whirring from near the recoil starter, the electric starter is spinning but not cranking the engine over. I've pulled the starter and renewed the brushes...
  2. More Starter related Issues!!

    Suzuki KingQuad 300
    Hi, Can anyone help with diagnosing the problem I'm having with my LT-F-300 King Quad 2000-/2001 model year? when pressing the start button, there is a whirring that comes from down by the starter, but the starter won't turn the engine over. If I repeatedly push the start button it will...
  3. New Member 1991 LT F250 project

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I bought an old 1991 Suzuki lt f250 as a project. There is little information that came with it and a lot of missing bolts... Oh well. I bought it as a project to work on in this time of self isolation due to Covid 19. I was told the starter clutch was gone. I have read a lot of reviews...