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  1. ATV General Discussion
    I made a post a couple weeks ago about my 84’ lt125 being hard to start when cold. Turns out it wasnt getting spark, or at least not all the time? I looked closer at the CDI unit and this doesn’t look good 👀 has anyone else experienced this??? This morning it wouldnt start (no spark) I played...
  2. ATV Parts for Sale
    1 Quadrunner and 2 King Quads worth of parts. Let me know what you need. No body parts worth a dang.
    $1,234 USD
  3. Repair and Maintenance
    I have a 98 quad runner 500. The bike won’t stay idling, it spits and spatters and will quit. When revved, it will pop and backfire. It seems to be burning more gas then what it used too and the header/exhaust will glow red after riding it for 30 or so minutes. The carb was just rebuilt and...
  4. ATV General Discussion
    I bought a 1988 Suzuki Quadrunner lt250 4wd in pretty good condition. I put OEM carburetor, fuel pump, peacock valve and throttle cable. She is runner like a champ now. Looking to add some weight and functionality to the front with a winch any suggestions. Looking for a plate that will bolt on...
  5. New Member Introductions
    I've owned several dirt bikes and love hitting the trails on them. Just bought my first Quadrunner (also my first ATV). Its a 98 500 model. Got it in a trade and it needs a little work. Missing a front cv axle, squealing from the front drive axle, and she has a little miss while idling. My first...
  6. Suzuki KingQuad
    I have a 98 quadrunner and am in need of front shocks any recommendations as I have been looking everywhere and cant find shocks that fit. Thanks
  7. ATV General Discussion
    I’ve tried to decode my vin but I’m having a lot of issues with things not lining up as I thought they would. I just bought what I think is a 1992 Suzuki king quad 300 (280?). Some parts point to the quadrunner 250, vin search shows a 250 but it has an oil cooler and a five lug rear wheel...
  8. Repair and Maintenance
    My 160 is just guzzling down the fuel but it's not leaking. Already cleaned out the carb. It smells like straight gas no leak but I can't visually see where it's going? Any ideas? This is my first bought and paid for by me ride. I wanna take care of my lil' baby. Please help.
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I bought an old 1991 Suzuki lt f250 as a project. There is little information that came with it and a lot of missing bolts... Oh well. I bought it as a project to work on in this time of self isolation due to Covid 19. I was told the starter clutch was gone. I have read a lot of reviews...
  10. Repair and Maintenance
    I have a quadrunner 250 2001 model I just aquired this forewheeler it keeps blowing the main fuse I looked up the year and fuse diagram found out it had the wrong size fuses got the right size fuses in it now but its still popping the main fuse does anyone have any ideas to what I should try next
  11. ATV General Discussion
    I have a suzuki lt 125. It is an 83 I think. There is a hose hanging off of the primer. The hose is hooked up to the primer, and it works when I put it in a gas can and press the primer. The problem is that I don't know where to hook the loose end of the hose to. It obviously has to be somewhere...
  12. Repair and Maintenance
    I have just bought this and don't have any problems but the idle is really high then it is in neutral and i don't know where the idle adjustment is. I would also like to know what kind of oil i should put in this ATV because he gave me a oil filter so i could change the oil and i forgot what oil...
1-12 of 12 Results