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  1. Repair and Maintenance
    Starts and idles fine. Spits and sputters if you touch the throttle. If it warms up (like for 20+ minutes), it will take throttle and seems to run good. It seems to be running too rich when the throttle is touched. I swapped carbs because I feared that the Mikuni could have had a vacuum slide...
  2. ATV Parts for Sale
    1 Quadrunner and 2 King Quads worth of parts. Let me know what you need. No body parts worth a dang.
    $1,234 USD
  3. ATV General Discussion
    Hi everyone! I have acquired a late model (1987-89) quadrunner which needed a top end rebuild. Can someone explain to me how the decompression lever gets reinstalled properly? Right now it just slides out if I pull it. What locks it in place? Thanks, Paul
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, My name is Bart. I am 25 years old and i live in Poland. I am new to ATV world and bought my first ATV - 1999 Suzuki Quadrunner 250 4x4 LT-F250F model X(with round front lights), 30k miles and still working great- measured around 150psi on spark plug socket :) From what i have...
  5. Suzuki QuadRunner 250
    Hey All, I'm new here. Recently picked up a 94 Quadrunner 250 (LT4WD) on a good deal but it's been a bit of a basket case to sort out how it's supposed to be set up. Main issue up front: I can't get it to start and idle consistently. It has ok compression, at least ~120 psi, good spark, so I...
  6. Suzuki QuadRunner 250
    I have a 94 quadrunner 250 and have a petcock with a prime option on it. I wanted to switch to a off option petcock and cap the vacuum. The slug inside the tank for the petcock spins so I have to do a tank repair. I started to take it apart and have the 3 bolts off the tank but can not get the...
  7. Repair and Maintenance
    I have a 1994 quadrunner two wheel drive. The engine starts fine. It idles just fine. No issues in reverse. When you put the thing in gear it have very low power and sputters along. It will go about 5 MPH in 1st and can get it to 15 MPH in 5th. I am no mechanic but loking for a place to...
1-7 of 7 Results