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  1. Repair and Maintenance
    Evening! I’m working on my 2000 QuadMaster and trying to replace the belt. I have chunks of old belt somewhere and want to take the clutch bolt off so I can clean the rollers. How does one get it off?
  2. Repair and Maintenance
    New member and owner of a suzuki quadmaster 500. Backstory- machine was hardly used, been sitting a few years. I get it home, clean carb. Bypass the the petcock fuel pump and blocked off carb vacuum lines. Used my dewalt 20v battery as a temporary solution for having a dead battery so I...
  3. Repair and Maintenance
    Hi all, I have a 2001 Suzuki Quadmaster ltf500 4x4. It starts and idles great but when I give it more than quarter it half throttle it splutters and begins to die and sometimes backfires. I have cleaned the carb with no change. I also checked the vacuum seal and it has no rips looks good. I...
1-3 of 3 Results