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  1. 1983 lt125 won't start

    Repair and Maintenance
    My 1983 lt125 was not starting and about after one hour it started then my turned it off after idling for 2 or 3 min tryed again for another 20 min then it started but it turned off by itself now it won't start at all need some help please Edit: after checking spark plug it smells like gas...
  2. LT125 runs for 5 mins

    Repair and Maintenance
    All, I was given a 1984 LT125 that had been sitting for a while. I cleaned out the fuel lines, cleaned the carb (though the choke is frozen closed) and the engine seemed to start running fine. For about 5 minutes. Then is started to hesitate, bog and eventually died. I let it sit for a while...
  3. Lt 125 quadrunner clutch problems

    Repair and Maintenance
    I have replaced both the steel and friction plates (they where slipping) now i cant get the thing adjusted. If i turn one way just an 1/8 turn it slippes and wont go anywhere the other way it jumpes and kills machine. I sure hope someone can help soon. Thanks for all your help in advance.