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  1. Repair and Maintenance
    Hi there, I recently noticed a bad leak coming from my front output drive shaft seal. After countless hours of trying to find the replacement seal and figure out how to replace I was unable to find any solid information. I ended up purchasing a used assembly on eBay that includes the entire...
  2. Repair and Maintenance
    I am new to this forum and I have been trying to find an answer for what could be the problem on my atv however, I couldn't find anything. I have a 2005 Suzuki king quad 700. I have this whining noise kind of that happens when I put the atv in reverse and go in reverse. This doesn't happen in...
  3. Repair and Maintenance
    Like the title says wheeler won't start but there's more to it. Last fall the wheeler would start but was bogging under load. I ran seafoam through it and it didn't help. So this spring I changed the injector and it didn't change anything. So I pulled the gas tank out and there was some gunk...
  4. Suzuki KingQuad
    I recently broke the rear carrier on my 2008 king quad 750. I found a good condition used rack off of a 2019 Kingquad and they look the exact same but have different or part numbers. Will the new rack bolt directly to my 2008? Thanks
  5. Repair and Maintenance
    Hello happy new year. Purchased a 2009 king quad with 1000 km ran good on purchase and unloading. Sat for a month and wouldn’t run, adjusted the carb and cleaned. Had it running smooth. Sat for another week and wouldn’t start at all. New battery new plug and new ignition coil, started running...
  6. Suzuki KingQuad
    Hi, Just got a Suzuki King Quad 750, 2008. The guy i bought it from just took it to a garage and changed piston, piston rings, cylinder, timing chain. The King started good after, they let it run for a few minutes, stopped it and started to assembly everything back together. They tried to start...
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  8. Suzuki ATV Polls
    Just bought a king quad 400 last year and was wondering what everyone has experienced as far as battery life
  9. Performance Modifications
    Just installed a HMF exhaust on my wheeler wondering if anyone has heard tell of a tuner made yet for 2019s if so let me know!
1-9 of 9 Results