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  1. What is the carb number for 1992 king quad 300?

    Suzuki KingQuad 300
    So I just bought a 1992 king quad 300. The title that was given to me was for a quadrunner 200 but I found out that it was incorrect. The guy that I bought it from said thats what the DMV gave him. When i checked the carb I noticed that either A) The carb was rebuilt and had jets replaced that...
  2. Need help with identifying Suzuki atv

    ATV General Discussion
    I’ve tried to decode my vin but I’m having a lot of issues with things not lining up as I thought they would. I just bought what I think is a 1992 Suzuki king quad 300 (280?). Some parts point to the quadrunner 250, vin search shows a 250 but it has an oil cooler and a five lug rear wheel...
  3. tranny clunk in 97 king quad 300 is it dead?

    Repair and Maintenance
    Hi everyone, Purchased a used rollover 97 kingquad 300, got it running with much help from this forum thank you. It makes a signifigant clunking noise rolling in neutral enginge off, which appears to be coming from the rear. As the inner cv boot turns the clunk occurs every 90 degrees it...