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  1. Repair and Maintenance
    New here and was hoping I might be able to find some advice got a used 99 quad runner 500 4x4 last summer ran great at first towards the end of fall I noticed it smoking from the rectifier so headed home and mid way just died on me lost power to everything. Not much experience with the...
  2. Suzuki KingQuad 300
    I have a 1992 Suzuki king quad 300. All the lights work but when I push the start button nothing happens no sound no clicking nothing. I tested the electric starter it worked, new neutral relay and starter relay. I’m just not sure what to try next.
  3. Repair and Maintenance
    :confused:My 05 King Quad 700 is flashing FI at me and the code is C41,That is a fuel system code. There is nothing wrong with my fuel system at all, from the fuel tank all the way to the injector. I have no spark, good coil and a good spark plug. I dont have a service manual or a job at the...
1-3 of 3 Results