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  1. Suzuki LTZ 50/80
    Hi, We have a LT Z50 4-stroke with a tuning kit, including Dynatek CDI. It started to run a little weak so I checked the compression then I changed the piston. Now it idles but nothing more happens when I accelerate. Have cleaned the carburettor several times, nothing wrong with it, also...
  2. Repair and Maintenance
    Hey guys and girls my 1998 lt50 had lost spark turns out the piece that connects to the top of the spark plug had broken off from the cdi, so I out another cdi unit on the bike that I took off another bike, and I still have no spake there is one wire that connects to the cdi but there was also I...
  3. ATV Parts for Sale
    Looking for a CDI for this unit or if anyone know of a compatible unit that can be used in its place. Scowered the internet but the couple I found were more money the I paid for the bike. Uncertain if there is a unit that with some electrical mods will work.
1-3 of 3 Results