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2001 king quad 300

  1. More Starter related Issues!!

    Suzuki KingQuad 300
    Hi, Can anyone help with diagnosing the problem I'm having with my LT-F-300 King Quad 2000-/2001 model year? when pressing the start button, there is a whirring that comes from down by the starter, but the starter won't turn the engine over. If I repeatedly push the start button it will...
  2. New 01 King quad owner in Colorado

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I recently bought my first quad at a local auction. This machine was probably owned by a municipality due to the auction I got it from and a unit ID number etched into the plastic with a soldering iron or dremel. its a 2001 KingQuad 300 with 2400 miles on it... Anyhoo It was...