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Quadrunner Lt 4wd 250
Bought this fourwheeler back in early spring of 2019 in non running condition for $350. Guy originally told me it runs and rides but when I got there it would turn over and act like it wanted to start but wouldn't. Drove 2 hours to get it and he was asking $500 but since it wouldn't start I took it home for $350. Started working on it with intentions of getting it running rather quickly but the carb was completely shot so I had to get a new one instead of rebuilding it. Ordered an aftermarket carb but didn't realize it only had one vacuum line coming from it. tried to rebuild the original fuel pump but that didn't work, so I had to order a new one of those also. Bought a new fuel petcock since they all seem to have problems anyways. Changed the plugs, oil, and air filter, but still couldn't get the 4wheeler to idle and run consistently. Had to completely redo the front brakes with all new parts also. $400 later and I'm still having carb issues. Figured out with was because I didn't have a vacuum line going to the petcock. So, I ran a splitter off the vacuum line going to the fuel pump and bingo, she fired up and idled! Ended up putting the old, dirty air filter back on because it didn't seem to like the aftermarket foam air filter I had installed and now she runs good. Finally got to take her out on a ride back in the woods on August 24, 2019. Still need to fine tune the carbs a little bit more and plan on retiming and adjusting the valves to get back a little power that she's lost over the years, but all my time and hard work are finally paying off! Wouldn't have taken me so long, but in between that time frame I rebuilt a 1978 Honda Cx500 motorcycle and we just had a baby on July 23, 2019.
1994 Suzuki Quadrunner Lt 4wd 250 (Red)


Extra mud guards added to the front fenders to protect from mud flinging


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