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LTF400 Eiger
Bought the Eiger March of 2016 for $450 with the engine completely torn down and in three totes due to it having the stator issue that plagued the Eigers.. it was originally a 2wd model with just under 5,000 miles on it when I got it. An 80 something year old man owned it so it had been babied since new. I decided to go ahead and split the case and add in the 4wd front driveshaft, and bought a shaft, front differential and cv axles off eBay and converted it over.. I've put right around 1,000 Miles on it since completing assembly on it in April of 2016. I've recovered the seat, since the vinyl was tearing, put a DynoJet jet kit in it, removed the spark arrestor, and installed a high flow air filter.. Added Vinson 500 shocks to the front to give it a slight lift, and level it out. It's running 25 inch Kenda BearClaws currently, which were brand new when I bought it. when those wear out I'm going up to 26" BearClaws. Built a sound tube for it, and threw together a box to put on the back for farm chores.. Currently I have around $1400 in it and am very pleased with the performance of it. I've raced various buddies with it just screwing around and I walked a 650 Prairie like it was nothing.. beat a RZR 900 a couple times too before he started upgrading it.. This was the first Suzuki I ever worked on, and after owning a Honda Fourtrax 300 that has such a cult following and claimed to be the best ATV ever built, I would easily put my Eiger up against any comparable Fourtrax 300 out there.. I've worked on just about every brand of ATV out there, since I'm a general mechanic, and to me, Suzuki seems to be the best built. This Eiger truly made me be a Suzuki person.
2003 Suzuki LTF400 Eiger (Red)



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