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I'm currently in the market to buy my first ATV and I had my sights set on getting a new 2021 foreman foot-shift no power steering. I love everything about the foreman and hear nothing but how reliable they are. I've watched buddies sink their Honda then pull the plugs out drain it and ride all day. Other friends with a canam or brute force can't say the same and it turns out to be way more costly. The cons of the foreman are that I've heard a lot of bad things about their automatic trannys so I've decided to get a foot-shift. However, the foreman doesn't have an IRS with the foot-shift and I kind of wanted an automatic to start with. So immediately looking at the king quads I love the auto tranny and the IRS, not to mention the more power they have. I'm in Florida and will be riding with my girl most of the time and basically plan to do a lot of mud/water and trail riding with the bike. I've road a king quad a couple of times and love them but I'm just worried about the reliability and if they have electrical issues. I'm on the fence about deciding which one to get so I figured I'd see if anyone has any input on my situation. I'm kinda leaning towards the king quad but everyone says Hondas the way to go. Thank you in advance!


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