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  • Kevinator ·
    I have a 2011 KQ 750axi Power steering. I had some issues with the cvt belt slipping in water. I have since corrected that with a snorkel. Took the cover off the cvt, cleaned everything really good and reinstalled the belt and it worked great. Also, if it matters I have a HMF muffler, optimizer and k&n air filter installed. Question: The other day I was riding on black top for about 10 miles at about 55-65 mph and the belt began to slip again. Its it possible that I just over heated the belt or should I replace it? After it cooled it seemed to work ok. Just wondering if it could do it agin. Thanks
    scaredstr8 ·
    Hi there Sir, I have a 1997 suzuki king quad. it has 600 miles on it. Someone gave it to me, i started it up and it ran terrible so i cleaned carb and it was alittle better. Now it just dosent idle and back fires alot. We check petcock and it wasnt letting gas out on the pri position so we took it apart and cleaned it and it works now. We took out the old oil and it had gas in it, put new oil in it and it has oil in it again. Could it be possible that there was that much gas behind the piston that it mixed with the new gas again or do you think that the diaphram is bad. Please help, thanks
    apopkajason ·
    Mr. Tubb I saw you on here and you seem to know alot about these things so I was hoping you could help me out as well. I have an 05 ozark lt 250 and i was getting spark but now I am not. I have replaced the coil and the spakplug but for some reason I am not getting any power to the coil now. Someone said stator and another said CDI so I dont know where to start and how to check these things to see if they are bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Jason
    HC1968 ·
    Mr Tubb: Can you provide any guidance on where the hoses go to a Walbro fuel pump? I know one goes to carb fuel line and one comes from fuel tank. The other I assume is a vacuum, but where does this one go? I have a few "unused" hoses coming from carb. This is a 1993 LTF250 QuadRunner. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.
    KingQuad87 ·
    I am having a hard time on finding the twin air air filter box cover for my bike. Is there any way you could send me a link to where you got yours at. Thanks
    ajl719 ·
    Hey Thomas sorry to bug you man. I've been trying to upload photos to the photo gallery but I'm having a hard time. Could you possibly send me a walk through to creating my own photos in the photo gallery. Thanks man.
    wadzinskib ·
    trying to replace my outer boot on front axle, cant get outer joint apart, down to the joint, old boot pulled back, how do you disassemble to replace the boot? can you or any one help me out???
    ajl719 ·
    Hey Thomas, hope your feeling better. Anyhow, i have a question for you. I wanted to know what program it is you use when you use a picture and you make like say colored arrows or write on it to say what particular part is what..? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Tom ·
    I got a 1986 LT250EF and it does not get any spark to the spark plug whats wrong with this piecer so i can sell it and get something new?
    ajl719 ·
    Hey Thomas, Was just how to upload a video from you tube to a thread..? I figured i'd ask you since you've already done Thanks.
    aka rotten ·
    Hey TUBBYTUBB,This is Paul just checken in with ya ans letting you know mine still running great.Think i,ll try adj.valves this week sometime.Thanks again for your past help.Paul
    huntnut ·
    help tubby im new here i have a 92-93 250 suzuki it starts then stalls after a couple of minutes mable i checked the carb for for dirt in the bowl checked for vacum at lines im not sure how to properly set the idle ?? please let me know what direction i should take.
    will the battery being low have any effect because like i said some times it will ok then other times its hard to start and then runs for a bit and then just bogs down and wont start back up??
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