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  • slh1229 ·
    Can you tell me what ATV I have, I am new and need to get some parts for the old girl
    Sabosj ·
    I have a suzuki atv with a Vin of Jsaak42a3p2102039 . What model and year is it. Where can I get a repair manual for it
    jeh1119 ·
    I was able to make out my VIN number with your help, thanks. Now I need some help figuring out what model mine is. Can you help me please. VIN JSAAK42A1R2107789. I know it is a 94 but not sure what else other than suzuki. I think it might be 400cc LT-F400WDXS. Does this sound right?
    Kingquad3030 ·
    Hey, sorry to bother you u seemed to know a lot. I was driving my kingquad which was a great bike, it 2wd high and all of a sudden it locked up and only had super low range, it goes into high and low and tries to move but simply wont. any idea my problem?
    eltiro ·
    With ref to your excellent description of the oil change procedure. My sightglass is so clogged or scratched so I can´t see the oil level any more. Any way to check the oil level without it?

    ussjames ·
    2008 king quad 700 the steering locked up..... thoroughly cleaned underneathe and removed wheel. Nothing hindering brakes....any suggestions?
    sourceman ·
    Thanks for posting the clutch adjustment instructions. Just for clarification, when I mentioned oil was 'full'...I meant to the correct level. It's basically still 'new' condition (with just over total miles)'s always slipped a little until it warmed up. I've even thought about switching to a pure synthetic oil...but haven't pursued it. Any thoughts?

    Also, I'm not sure if this is a private message or a post. Email me at [email protected] (No big deal...I just wanted to mention something I'd rather not post publicly.)
    Turndog84 ·
    Do you know of any atv junk yards in or around my area? or are there such things? ebay was a bust, and the sponsors. Im in New Hampshire.
    Turndog84 ·
    Hey hows it going? I have a 2000 lt 250f, I am in need of front fender brackets to hold up the plastic because the previous owner removed the front rack. oem suzuki has put them on back order with no date of when they will be made. Would you or anyone have any? or know where I can get some?
    Hey there! Been reading over the site and you have posted some great info on king quads.

    Was hoping you could tell me where the front diff oil fill plug is? I found the drain one. I know you have a 2000, but im 99% sure its the same on my 1998. Thanks in advance.

    btw I'm from Orangeville ontario, about 45min north of toronto.
    nevadanukes ·
    Thanks for your help! Much appreciated.
    Do you know what that red orange accessory wire is for underneath the seat near the frame and the carb?
    neville ·

    hello i am back again with another problem with my suzuki quadrunner 250 1999 .
    the engine is swinging perfectly and fast enough but just wont fire up ..........i have a small feeling that its the spark but the quad was recently fail to start in morning or when it was cold and had more than quather tank of petrol i found this extremily weird but once petrol drop it started fine it done this for several weeks but i ignored im not sure if it has anything to do with wat is wrong now but you seem to know suzuki extremly well
    zukifreak ·
    Havent been able to contact administration on anything,but all other sites i mod at after about 3 or 4 infractions the member is automatically banned by the system.anytime you need help just holler,vbulletin is pretty easy after you get used to it.Have you heard from tubby.
    zukifreak ·
    I left a user note in the profile for the member that was bashing the suzuki brand,he did this before thats why i added it to the rules.Next time i will show him the door.User notes help us mods,its like a police record.If you never seen it or need help with it let me know.
    All you have to do is go to the video then right click it and copy then just paste the web address in a reply and it does just like mine, I hope that helps.

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