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Suzuki ATVer
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99 King Quad electrical problem

Hi all,
I have a 99 King Quad LTF and i'm having a weird electrical problem.
Took it for a ride the other day just around my place and it was running fine and then suddenly quit just riding down a dirt road.
I restarted and got about 50 feet and it died again.
This time I couldn't get the green neutral light to come on until I turned the ignition switch off and on a couple times.
Then she started up and ran a couple seconds and died again.
From that point on there is no electrical power whatsoever.
It won't turn the starter or even the gauges on now - as if there is no battery in it.
I pulled all the plastic off (a major pain) and checked every electrical wire and connection figuring something must have come loose - nada.
The battery still has a full charge - powers the winch fine since it's wired directly - no corrosion on the terminals they are nice and clean - and both of the fuses in the battery compartment are fine.
Don't see that there are any other fuses besides those two.
It's got me completely mind-boggled now as I don't think anything like the CDI/regulator-rectifier or starter relays would prevent the lights from working even if they had gone bad.
Would a bad ignition switch cause a no power to anything situation - thats about the only thing I can come up with at this point.
Any ideas?
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Suzuki ATVer
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I have the exact same problem with my 99 king quad. I was riding it for the first time and after a few hours of riding it just cut off. No electrical power what soever. After taking the body off I realized that the regulator/rectifier had burned up and melted. Bought a used one from ebay and got it to start again but the wiring got hot and blew a fuse. Every time i put a new fuse in it blows it. There has to be a short somewhere but I can not find it. I have chased down every wire and they all look intact. Please help if you get find any other info please share it with me.
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post #3 of 10 Old 09-22-2009, 08:34 AM
Suzuki ATVer
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Almost same problem.

I have a 1992 Lt 250 Quadrunner with a similar problem. My Neutral light does not come on at all. Since the neutral light wont come on my electric start will not work at all. I have checked every wire as well. I am praying that it is a neutral start relay in which I just ordered. Did you ever get your neutral light to come back on?
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post #4 of 10 Old 09-23-2009, 06:57 PM
Suzuki ATVer
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No I did not get the light to come on but if you take the starter relay and jump the two points that are on the bottom you will bypass all the switches and can eliminate some potential problems if it starts. Mine will turn over when I jump the two leads but Im not getting spark.
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Suzuki ATVer
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Well - I did end up finding a wire rubbed bare on one side against the frame.
It was one of the ones that runs down the frame rail to the stator just behind your left leg.
I fixed that and figured it might have burnt out the rectifier - purchased one on ebay and just tried it today.
Still no go and $80 bucks poorer
I was also thinking of the neutral start relay now - since the neutral light won't come on even though I know it's in neutral.
Although I would think the lights would still work - unless that relay cuts out all electical power and not just to the starter.
I'm going to try bypassing it tommorow and see if I can at least get something.
I also thought about the starter relay that sits right next to it and takes the main positive lead from the battery but I used a meter on it and got positive 12 volts across it so it must be ok.
I'll let you guys know if/when I figure it out.
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Suzuki ATVer
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Ok here's an update - my battery was a hair weak so I put the one in from my lawn tractor just for the heck.
Didn't make a difference but I know I have full juice.
When I jumper across the starter relay (not the neutral start relay) the starter turns.
It looks to me like the neutral start relay cuts ALL power - not just to the starter, and that mine is dead.
It still won't start so I'm thinking that relay is also cutting off spark.
I suppose though it could still be the ignition switch or kill switch - sounds reasonable the kill switch would cut spark - it is basically grounding that circuit out if i'm right.
I'm trying to figure out which wires to jumper on the neutral start relay now to bypass it.
Has Blk/Yel - Blk/Or - Blk/Bl - Grn/Yel.
I'm digging around the net trying to find out now.
I also read on here somewhere there is a way to adjust the kill switch so im going to take it apart next.

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post #7 of 10 Old 09-24-2009, 07:01 PM Thread Starter
Suzuki ATVer
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Another update.
Took the ignition switch out (key switch) and it had a wire corroded and broken from the plastic connector.
Spliced that wire back together and now I have a neutral light, electric ignition is spinning starter and my lights work.
Only problem now is it still won't fire.
SOOOO - now i'm thinking when it shorted it might have zapped the coil or CDI unit.
Gonna pull the plug and check for spark tommorow and i'm expecting there isn't gonna be any.
Hope it's not the CDI - the price of those is ludicrous.
But anyway - made some good headway today.
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post #8 of 10 Old 09-25-2009, 06:51 PM Thread Starter
Suzuki ATVer
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Had good spark today when I pulled the plug.
So put it back in and just stood on the starter for a few minutes and she lit right up.
I had drained the fuel and replaced with fresh so knew it would take a bit to get down there.
So - my trouble ended up just being a broken wire in the plastic connector off the ignition switch - the red wire in my case.
Have a brand new rectifier still in the box if anyone needs one for say $60 plus shipping.
I paid $89 plus shipping off ebay.
Otherwise i'm just gonna throw it in my 4-wheelers tool box for a spare.
Funny how if you read my first post I had a good idea what the problem might be (and was in the end) but spent all that time troubleshooting other stuff lol.
All in all - 15 hours of my time versus prolly $400 at a stealership - and I know the electrical system on this thing (and a lot more stuff) from front to back, not such a bad deal and got some other little things fixed i'd been meaning to.
Alls good and deer season starts in 6 days

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Suzuki ATVer
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I have the same problem with the green neutral light

When in neutral, it sometimes will flash green as I move the reverse lever forward. Unfortanutely it does not come on everytime I move the reverse lever. How do you remove the housing around the ignition switch? I removed four phillips screws, but that did not do it.

Like everyone else, it ran fine. I shut it off and later moved it about 5'. Next time, NO LIGHT! Headlights work fine, but no green light which means no electric start.

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post #10 of 10 Old 06-02-2011, 12:28 AM
Suzuki ATVer
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I had the same electrical problem. I don't know what to do so I decided to look up for some solution here and I found this really helpful thread.

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